About Coffee Gente

Coffee Gente works with people in agriculture, globally.  We work in coffee, cocoa, tea, and bananas.  We work with farmer groups, NGO’s and companies in sustainability initiatives that build stronger, more productive, and mutually beneficial relationships. Coffee Gente works with companies to secure the long-term supply of the agricultural products they need while fostering regenerative agriculture and supporting farmers and workers to build more resilient and sustainable communities.

What are we working on?

Current projects we are developing with clients in 2021:

  • Human Rights risk assessment and mitigation plan in an agricultural supply chain
  • Design and implementation of due diligence processes for human rights and labor issues in a country-wide supply chain
  • Design of multi-stakeholder initiative to build and promote tools to identify, remediate, and prevent child labor and other labor in agricultural supply chains
  • Promotion of products, in the U.S. and Europe, from farmer groups implementing sustainable agricultural practices in Latin America
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